JOMENAS Press is a publisher, which is founded in 2015, which publishes peer reviewed manuscripts of the Journal of middle east and north Africa Sciences in all academic fields. Its goals are to promote scientific dissemination in the world, enhance exchanging knowledge, in addition to create an academic environment that fosters growth in knowledge and understanding of the world.

Papers submitted can include editorials, literature reviews, Mini-reviews, research articles, commentaries, letters to the Editor, lived experiences and other types of papers that are nature and science related not published nor submitted elsewhere for publication. Submitted articles will be peer reviewed by 2 reviewers or more and are subjected to a rigorous editorial process. The editorial board is composed of both national and foreign researchers. They are responsible for assessing the quality of the submissions in their relevant areas of expertise. Normal Review process takes about 1–4 weeks.

The editorial board is composed of recognized opinion leaders in their respective areas of expertise and reflects the international reach of the journal. Under their leadership, JOMENAS Press maintains its strong scientific integrity while expanding its influence within the field of multidisciplinary research.

JOMENAS Press provides the best service to the public, scientists, professors, students, and academic institutions. It makes the best efforts to publish all the valuable works as soon as possible. In addition, it provides immediate open access to its content, on the principle that making research freely available to the public, open access gives a worldwide audience larger than that of any subscription-based journal, and thus increases the visibility and the impact of the published articles. It also enhances indexing, and eliminates the need for permissions to reproduce and distribute content, which will lead to supports a greater exchange of knowledge globally.

As the JOMENAS Press’ prescript, when author(s) (you) submit manuscript(s) to the journal of JOMENAS Press, you are sure and agree the following: All the author(s) have participated sufficiently in manuscript(s). All works submitted are the original work of the attributed author(s). The author(s) are fully responsible for the contents of the paper(s) and the author(s) are fully responsible for any plagiarism (more than 20%) or other issues arising from their paper(s). The author(s) take full responsibility, both financially and judicially, for any plagiarized work.​ JOMENAS Press is not responsible for any plagiarism or other issues that might arise from any paper(s) (i.e. published elsewhere).

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​​​​​​​​​               Monthly Journal Online,Journal Cover

                               Vol. 1, No.1, July 2015, Brochure

(J. Middle East North Afr. sci)

The Journal of MENA Sciences

               ISSN 2412-8937 (Online); ISSN 2412-9763 (Print)