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Menaj Editing and Proofreading English Features:​​

1) Menaj Editing and Proofreading offers professional academic in editing and proofreading for all academic disciplines and fields.

​2) Menaj Editing and Proofreading gives an objective and quick editing and proofreading within appropriate time based on the size of manuscript.

​3) Menaj Editing and Proofreading provides editing certificate and plagiarism percentage before and after editing and proofreading.

​4) Menaj Editing and Proofreading possesses qualified professional academic editors who have vast experience with academic writing at all levels and in all fields.

​If you are interested to submit your manuscript, please contact our editorial team at: [email protected].

Our editorial team will contact you within 24 hrs. after sending manuscript.

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Proofreading and Editing

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Menaj Editing and Proofreading Charges are categorized below:​​

Menaj Editing and Proofreading payment modes are:​​

1) Bank Transfer.

​2) Online Payment - PayPal.

​3) Western Union Money Transfer.

1) Spelling, Punctuation, & Grammar.

2) Reference Check.

​3) Presentation Style Check (Logic, Clarity, & Flow).

​4) Technical Terminology & Sentence Structure.

​5) Editing and paraphrasing sentences.

​6) Journal-specific Formatting (Only Once).

​7) Plagiarism percentage report before and after editing and proofreading.

​8) Editing Certificate.

1)  $25(USD) for manuscripts in the range of 1-4 pages.

2)  $45 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 5-9 pages.
3)  $70 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 10-14 pages.
4)  $95 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 15-19 pages.
5)  $120 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 20-24 pages.
6)  $145 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 25-29 pages.
7)  $170 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 30-34 pages.
8)  $200 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 35-40 pages.
9)  $250 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 41-50 pages.
10)  $300 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 51-60 pages.
11) $350 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 61-70 pages.
12) $400 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 71-80 pages.
13) $450 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 81-90 pages.
14) $500 (USD) for manuscripts in the range of 91-100 pages.

​you will need to add the transfer fee to your invoice amount before you make the payment .​​

​​Please be sure that the manuscript must be submitted in MS-Word format, with a standard typeface such as Times New Roman in 12 points and 1.5 line spacing. Upon receipt of Manuscript, an manuscript number and the service charge will be sent to the author(s).

In the world of science publishing, the ability to write in English at a high level is a major issue.  Academic writing should be readable, accurate and understandable. While writing, it is easy to get bored in your topic, where you can no longer look at writing from a detached perspective.

​As with all academic writing, it is important to have a second eyes read-through your paper, once you have finished writing. Your writing will require a sharp eye to detect all the errors. At Menaj Editing and Proofreading, we are concerned in improving the quality of your manuscript.

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